Oxygen 2.0

For upcoming talent we have a young cast named Oxygen 2.0. Oxygen 2.0 exists out of young talent under 18 that are competing world wide on the most biggest exciting competitions. We educate our young talent so they can developand prepare for the transition of becoming part of Oxygen Elite, our professional department.

Oxygen 2.0 is currently one of the most successful minor crew in the Netherlands. On competitions they leave audiences speechless but that does not stop them from always striving to rise above themselves.

We hold auditions once a year. If you’re interested and you think you have what it takes to become part of Oxygen 2.0, there is a possibility to do a private audition. Contact us for more information.



After Jennifer founded Oxygen in 2015 and started working with different dancers from the South of the Netherlands, she realized there were many chances …… (vele kansen lagen op gebied van ontwikkeling)

For that reason she opened her own school named, USDA – Urban School of Dance Arts. Whitin USDA she is offering an intensive educational program called USDA-Academy. USDA-Academy gives talented dancers the chance to educatethemselves on a high level and prepare them for the working field. USDA is also the home port of Oxygen and Oxygen 2.0.

More information about USDA? Visit